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Admissions & Fees


If you are excited by our ideas, and have been looking for a non-competitive, non-aggressive space in which your child will find meaning in her experiences, TLC is for you.

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  • Meet Us: We invite your child and you to spend a week with us at TLC, participating in all that is on offer to better understand the space, it’s people and our approach to learning. If you feel positively about what you see and experience and would like to enrol your child/children please complete the application form and interview process.
  • Application Form: [button class=”download” link=”http://thelearningcentre.in/application-form” size=”medium”]Apply Now[/button]
  • Interview: Once we receive the application we will schedule an interview within the week. (The interview will last for approximately 30-45 minutes.)

If you’ve missed the start of a session but are interested in enrolling your child, our working structure is flexible enough to support newcomers mid session!



Fee Structure

The year at TLC is split into two sessions and fees can be paid either per session or for the entire year.

Session 1:  1 June to 31 December 2021      Fee: Rs. 84,000.00

Session 2: 1 January to 31 May 2022            Fee: Rs. 60,000.00

This fee includes tuition, books (notebooks, texts and library books), basic stationery, art and sports materials, day excursions and a fruit/snack (apart from salaries, rent and administrative expenses that are incurred on a monthly basis). This fee does not include meals, workshops and any overnight excursions that we might undertake which are optional.

Admission Fee (non refundable): Rs. 10,000 per child. 
This is a one-time fee to be paid at the time of admission.

Admission Fee (refundable): Rs. 36,000 per child.
This is a one-time deposit to be paid at the time of admission and will be refunded after due notice of withdrawal is given to TLC and deductions (if any) when your child leaves The Learning Centre at the end of either Session 1, i.e. 31st December or Session 2, i.e. 31st May.  Details of notice period and deductions will be shared at the time of joining.

As we are new and very small in size, we are not in a position to offer full scholarships. If you as a parent are willing to support the education of a child beyond your own, we would be delighted in helping make this possible. Please do contact us for further information.